Sen. Marco Rubio breaks deafening silence on Syria

A small but loud group booed and heckled Florida Sen. Marco Rubio while he tried to give a speech at a conservative conference here Friday, a sign that his support for a bipartisan immigration bill has hurt him within some elements of the Republican Party. "No Amnesty!" several people shouted when Rubio walked to the.

Sen. Marco Rubio may run for president in 2016, or he may not.. Rubio’s latest somersault concerns Syria. On Sept. 4 Rubio voted in the Senate Foreign. Rubio was asked by National Journal.

Exhibits A and B in this farce were Senators John McCain and Marco Rubio, who evinced appreciation for popular. Trump declared that Wall Street was “getting away with murder” and vowed to break up.

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Marco Rubio Wishes Kurds Would Be Better Sports About Impending Genocide. Thank God for US Senator Marco Rubio, where they may end up fighting a resurgent ISIS following the US abandonment of northern Syria.

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Where Are You, Senator Rubio?. From Rubio, a deafening silence, not just on King’s tweet but on the larger wave of nonsensical immigration policy coming out of the Trump White House.

Marco Rubio’s path to the presidency in 2016. Bush-of all people-to break through the Republican Party’s cone of silence to condemn Trump for “the racism and the name-calling.” Women Democratic.

There’s an ongoing battle about immigration reform in Washington, D.C. Critics of Florida’s Republican U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio are using his views on immigration reform as a talking point as he.

Out of 18 votes on Syria in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, the most interesting was Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s "no" vote. It was a striking and somewhat unexpected decision.

Marco Rubio on taking in more Syrian refugees: ‘It’s not that we don’t want to. It’s that we can’t.’ Photograph: joe raedle/getty images Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

Republicans Are Furious Over Trump’s Sudden Syria Move Even Lindsey Graham, one of the president’s closest allies in the Senate, has blasted the decision, arguing that it’s a "big win for.