Over One Third of College Students Reportedly Have Credit Card Debt

 · Do not worry because the student credit cards are offered for students who are over 21 years old. If you are over 21 years old, you can get it. If you are over 21 years old, you can get it. This post, we will introduce people about some advantages of the student credit cards.

Effect of Personal Financial Knowledge on College Students’ Credit Card Behavior Cliff A. Robb and Deanna L. Sharpe Analysis of survey data collected from 6,520 students at a large Midwestern University affirmed that financial knowledge is a significant factor in the credit card decisions of college students but not entirely in expected ways.

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 · With that in mind, let’s take a look at what students in 2018 must consider before signing up for any credit card. Prepaid vs. secured vs. unsecured credit cards. You should understand the difference between a prepaid credit card, a secured credit card and an unsecured credit card.

 · Over 55 percent of people don’t have credit card debt, though over 3 percent have more than $10,000 in credit card debt.

 · Across adults who own at least one credit card, Americans are carrying 3.4 credit cards on average. Generation Xers tend to have the most credit cards, with an average of 4.5 in their wallets. Millennials tend to have the fewest cards, with an average of 2.4.

The real issue at hand is the same as it is for anyone else carrying a credit card: can you use it responsibly? A 2012 survey by the International Journal of Business and Social Science found that 86% of college students had at least one credit card and 50% had four or more. The average debt was $4,100.

 · One-fourth of the students surveyed in US PIRG’s 2008 campus credit card trap report said that they have paid a late fee, and 15 percent have paid an “over the limit” fee.