The Continuing Saga of Your House as An “Investment”

The true value is the final sale price. If your $500,000 house sells for $400,000, then it wasn’t worth $500,000. Your goal when selling a home is to be happy with the figures when you walk away from the sales transaction. That’s when you know you’ve made a killer investment.

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Continuing Education. other than simply buying the house outright in your name and renting or giving it to you child. real estate is an investment opportunity, and coast-to-coast you can find.

$12,000 HOUSE - Home & Self Improvement - #42 Your home isn’t an investment. I don’t accept this. With a house hack, buying a house is a good investment. The home will provide an income stream that could let you live for free. With my current value add property, the payoff will come at the end when I sell it. You should consider house hacking and value add if:

Lets just come right out with it: Your home is not an investment.In fact, home ownership can be a financial disaster. Before all of you homeowners call me a jerk, idiot, or unflattering expletives, let me share some objective data as to why a home is not an investment (and keep in mind that I am a homeowner too).

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With that definition in mind, let’s turn our attention back to your home. Why Your Home Is Not an Investment. Buying a house is a lot more like buying furniture than it is like buying stocks and bonds. It costs more up front than renting does, which is why renting is often cheaper if you plan on moving within the next few years.

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