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Hi and welcome to JustAnswer! A lodging is considered a fringe benefit which is a form of pay for the performance of services. Any fringe benefit provided to an employee is taxable and must be included in the recipient’s pay unless the law specifically excludes it.. So generally – the amount of rent your employer pays for your apartment should be treated as your wages, taxable as wages and.

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Welcome! We are a community of AirBnb hosts.. Note that we are not affiliated with Airbnb – we are just passionate hosts! So, my guest did some damage and AirBNB is paying out a fraction of the claim. as the remittance from AirBNB and the fees paid by the tenant don’t even cover the cost.

Next determine a price range into which your rent and all other housing costs can fit. The following guideline should be considered: Your total monthly housing costs-rent, furniture, utilities, telephone, maintenance fees, insurance, and personal property taxes- should not exceed 25 to 30 percent of your monthly take-home pay (approximately one week’s take-home pay).

In a recent Insights Blog, CoreLogic reported that rent prices have skyrocketed since 2005. Meanwhile, the typical mortgage payment has actually decreased. "CoreLogic’s national rent index was up 36% in December 2018 compared with December 2005, while the typical mortgage payment was down 4% over that period."

So you may not have to pay much, if any additional rent, if you break your lease. You need pay only the amount of rent the landlord loses because you moved out early. This is because North Carolina requires landlords to take reasonable steps to keep their losses to a minimum-or to "mitigate damages" in legal terms.

While retailers are looking for additional distribution they remain more. cost of occupancy seems to work for both our company and our tenant partners, and it still is — but at least what we read.

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