Poignant Photo Series Captures Raw Emotions Of Pet Owners As They Say Goodbye

Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani decided to bring this idea of dog-owner resemblance to life with his photo series "Underdogs". He created 8 whimsical diptychs showing how similar humans are to their canine friends.. They Say Dogs Reflect Their Owners’ Characteristics. These Photos.

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The Silence of Dogs in Cars, A Poignant Photo Book That Captures the Raw Emotion of Being Alone. by Lori Dorn at 2:37 PM on December 5, 2016

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Poignant Photo Series Captures Raw Emotions Of Pet Owners As They Say Goodbye by waggingtonpost on June 18, 2019 in ANIMALS , CATS , DOGS 0 The ‘Last Moments’ photo series was created by a talented photographer named Ross Taylor.

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Heart-wrenching photos show the moment dog owners say goodbye to dying friend. WHEN man loses his best friend, the heartache is hard to describe. These pictures capture the raw emotion of people saying a final goodbye to their faithful friends. WHEN man loses his best friend, the heartache is hard to describe in words.

When You Have to Say Goodbye to a Pet It’s been one year since we had to put down our sweet pup Bella. I’d like to say we’re ok and that everything is fine but it’s definitely not 100%.

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Photographer Says Goodbye to Her Dog in Heartfelt Portrait Series. Photo Series Documents Tiny Kittens From. The result is a heartfelt and beautiful timepiece that any pet owner or animal.

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