Girl, 5, receives 11 stitches after being bitten by alligator in Florida

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One woman is lucky to be alive after coming under attack by a large alligator in Florida. Police say a gator measuring up to 11-feet-long was killed after Although injuries by alligators are rare, and deaths even more infrequent, when an incident occurs, it results in waves of fear throughout the nation.

Dog with biting history mauls Silverton girl, tearing through her leg and exposing bone. olivia payne told her grandfather the dog ran straight at her, latching onto her An afternoon spent playing in Silver Creek quickly turned into a nightmare for an 11-year-old Silverton girl when she was attacked by a dog.

A YOUNG girl has been bitten on the leg and back by an alligator while sitting in shallow water at a popular Florida park. The schoolgirl, 10, was As of September 2016, FWC said there have been 388 alligator attacks in the state since 1948, including 263 major documented cases and 24 fatal attacks.

There are more than 1 million alligators in Florida. Alligators are the state reptile and were threatened with extinction in the 1960s. Chad Gillis/News-Press.

Molly Beresford, 5, was reportedly bitten by a dog after tagging along with her mother to the home of a woman selling furniture. A few minutes later, however, Beresford claims she heard a scream. She rushed downstairs to see her daughter had allegedly been bitten in the face by the woman’s dog.

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The apparent alligator attack that resulted in the death of a Florida woman who was walking her dogs near a lake is an extremely rare occurrence, authorities An estimated 5 million American gators live in the southeastern united states — about one-quarter of them in Florida alone — but the likelihood of.

Glen Bonin received 80 stitches in his hand after he was bitten by an 11-foot alligator. He and two friends decided to move the beast from the middle of a Bonin was pulling it by the tail before it twisted around and bit him. A Louisiana man has learned it’s best not to make snap decisions after a few.

If an alligator bites you, "you should fight like hell," Ross said. Alligators and other types of The alligator that went after Jordan slipped into the water after Blackmon shot it, and it was found dead Alligators in Florida typically mate in late May and early June, and males are known to patrol their.