Florida refinance a home and hard money

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We offer unique Private Mortgage Banking and Hard Money Loan capital for borrowers and/or properties that do not meet conventional underwriting guidelines. Our lending solutions include: low rate stated income and no doc loans to $2M,interest only loans, make-sense gross income qualifying, high debt ratio loans.. Read More >

Florida hard money loans needed? We may be able to help you obtain some funding for your next Florida real estate investment- new and experienced investors welcome 1-207-352-5307

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And saving money on tuition is more important than ever. Outstanding student loans for the first quarter of 2019 were. who.

Interest rates on Hard Equity/Hard Money loans are higher than for conventional loans. Loan amounts for hard equity/hard money loans typically are calculated on a maximum of 65% of the current market value of the property or of the purchase price.

Hard money and private lending is a critical cog in the wheel of investment real estate. Without hard money lending real estate values overall can falter as fewer homes are available for sale. Especially so here in Florida. Yet because private investors issue hard money loans it can be a challenge at times to find these types of financing.

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Mortgage rates valid as of 12 Jul 2019 08:29 am CDT and assume borrower has excellent credit (including a credit score of 740 or higher). Estimated monthly.

Many homeowners long to hear the magic words, "Your home-equity loan is approved." But for most, this type of loan, which allows a homeowner to borrow against the equity in the home, is hard to get.

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