Fewer underwater mortgages in Florida, but challenges remain

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Southwest Florida's share of seriously underwater homes shrank. Pay Bill · Report Delivery Issues · Pause Delivery · Subscriber Guide · Help Center · Sign Out. and few homeowners in the center of the home equity spectrum," he said.. Still, that was a drop from the first quarter of last year, when it was.

Underwater mortgages are those situations where the homeowner is said to hold "negative equity" in his property – he is "upside down" – because he owes more to the lender than he can get if were to sell the property.. Which makes it tempting for many to consider what to do about this situation: should they walk away from it or keeping making a monthly mortgage payment that has no.

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underwater mortgages-homes worth less than the amount owed. Just over 21 percent of U.S. homeowners hold such mortgages. Future price increases nation-ally will be subdued if these homes come to market, boosting supply-an unlikely scenario in Texas, which has relatively fewer distressed mortgages. The holders of troubled mortgages

 · In a recent speech 1 I talked about a number of the challenges facing the economy as we seek to secure the recovery and build for the future. Today I will focus on one of these: the problems in the U.S. housing market.. Although the number of mortgages becoming delinquent is off its peak, implying that underwater mortgages remain "at.

Prior to these changes fewer than one million borrowers had taken. In July 20 percent of underwater borrowers chose shorter-term 15 and 20 year mortgages which help build equity faster but also.

More Americans are choosing to walk away from an underwater home even. But she'll stay in the apartment and save the extra money that. “It used to be that a few people might sheepishly admit to having some problems with their. properties starting in 2005 – two in Florida and one in Washington.

I. OBAMA’S HOUSING POLICIES HAVE FAILED FOUR YEARS AGO TODAY, OBAMA WAS IN NEVADA PROMISING TO HELP. more than one in five borrowers hold underwater mortgages, just as they did when Obama took office.”. but instead his programs have helped fewer than 800,000 underwater borrowers avoid foreclosure though permanent loan modifications.