Diversity Is Not Our Strength

Tweet of the day. Gavin McInnes: Diversity is NOT our strength and shut up about restaurants (satire) Published on Jul 31, 2017 (language warning) gavin mcinnes of TheRebel.media hates it when liberals praise "diversity," especially when they inevitably add, "Just look at all the great restaurants!"

Diversity Is Not Our Strength. America is on the decline because we have a group of people who want to change our culture our history our values and our religious beliefs, and the Democratic Party goes along with that sentiment. Yes, the Democratic Party has changed also in the past 50 years; they have become a dangerous party that must be stopped,

H owever great the shock of the massacre in Orlando, it is only a matter of time before we start hearing again the fact-free dogma that "diversity is our strength.". If there is any place in.

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Diversity Is Not Our Strength Diversity can be good. Just watched War for the Planet of the Apes. BUT. Apes together. Very powerful, poetic. But notice what he doesn’t say! Now, even though it’s so simple a monkey gets it, the left (religious left, political left, social left.

 · So no, today’s forced diversity is not strength, and as Orwell also wrote: war is not peace, ignorance is not strength, and slavery is not freedom. Original article topics: anti-discrimination Law , Immigrants , Multiculturalism and Diversity , Racial Preferences in Hiring

There’s a growing body of evidence that even if diversity once made America stronger, it may not be doing so anymore, at least in the short and medium term.

As the HuffPost’s piece added, "diversity is not our strength" is a popular phrase on the right-wing fringe. The nation’s founding creed may be "E pluribus unum," but it appears there.

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. geographic and cultural diversity I take for granted is not necessarily. diversity in thought, and diversity in action as sources of our strength.".

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Our diversity is our greatest strength. After playing clips of. It was in their unity, not their diversity, that the strength of. December 4, 2007.