Creating a Wonderfully Whimsical Space

Probably made in the 1960s, this wonderfully whimsical space hat features images of planets and spaceships around the sides of a plastic dome-like beanie .

With a few tree branches and snow puffs in various sizes, I created a whimsical winter scene in my booth space at Camas Antiques! If you are considering making some snow puffs for yourself, I sincerely hope that my tutorial was helpful and easy for you to follow!

He set up his architectural and interior design practice in 2004 and has also founded a. More: Creating a Wonderfully Whimsical Space.

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Peaches’ Wonderfully Whimsical Bungalow. by Smith Schwartz (Image credit. Now we get to see how they all fit together to make a wonderfully charming home. (Image credit: Apartment. Art. I’m especially fond of outsider art. If budget and wall space allowed, it would take over the whole.

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The wonderful, whimsical home is a perfect way to do this. By adding humor and the unexpected to your interior, you can capture this warm endearing style. Spark some fun with whimsical interiors. whimsical accents (pixgood) Gold hand chairs add whimsy to this office (aflippenlife.blogspot) A bright and whimsical interior (Pinterest)

Having these touches not only make your home feel cozier, but perfect for hosting your guests. These extras are the final touch to creating a whimsical atmosphere that’s not only beautiful to look at, but inviting to be in. No matter how big or small your home is, you can create a whimsical atmosphere with just a few small touches.

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How to create a sacred space. This blog post is all about how to create and set up a sacred space within your home, no matter how small. 1. Choose a small spot in your house for your sacred space. My spot is actually just my nightstand! The first thing I did was completely clean it out.

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