Card skimmers flew cross-country to scam Tri-City stores

Card skimmers are small electronic devices that collect information from the magnetic strip on your credit or debit card when it is swiped during a transaction. Initially these devices were attached to card readers on the outside of the gas pump, but now scammers are installing them inside the pump and often employing Bluetooth technology or integrated cell phone components to transmit card and PIN information.

Florida grapples with increase in credit card skimmers. Palm Beach County has the most reported skimmer locations this year with 58, followed by Broward County with 57, Miami-Dade County with 26 and Pinellas and Volusia counties, each reporting 12 devices. Although there appeared to be a correlation between larger counties,

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Thieves used a skimmer to get debit card information and then stole money out of ATMs. victim of debit card fraud when making purchases in a store or at the gas pumps. atms across the Tri-Cities using information stolen from accounts.. In another Tri-Cities case, a pair of fraudsters flew in from Miami,

Kennewick card-skimming victim speaks out as search goes statewide. RELATED: Statewide search for skimmer thieves, Tri-Cities previously hit. the state, and think the scammers that hit Tri-Cities are part of a nationwide circuit.. told her it's happening inside grocery stores and businesses everywhere.

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Thieves used card skimmers to steal thousands in Tri-Cities area. Tri-Cities police need your help to identify the suspects involved in an extensive credit card fraud case with. skimmers installed at the gas pumps of a local convenience store.. The suspects are likely traveling across the country and have.

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