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 · Housing ideology is stamped on society’s DNA. Your home is a passport to social mobility, providing networking opportunities with influential neighbours and an address that may impress a prospective employer. Or the other way around. In places where the better-off live, there are more trees and private schools.

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If you’re stumped on where to invest on remodeling to get the most bang for your home improvement buck, take a look at these top five renovations that will instantly add value to your home. Happy renovating! Thanks for sharing all that great information..

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Discover the best home renovations for increasing property value. However, home renovation costs can be substantial: The average bathroom. can cost more than $40,000 and adding a master suite can easily cost six figures, estate agent with Polyak Real Estate Group in the san francisco bay area.

If you want to boost your home value, for any reason you may have, whether to simply feel more comfortable in it, or in order to sell it sometime in the future, there are some simple DIY improvement projects you could take on. When it comes to adding value to your home, most people do it with the thought of

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